NO! Anyone can see a podiatrist. With your permission, we will contact and collaborate with any other health professionals involved in your care.

Yes! Don’t forget to bring your health fund card with you to your appointment and check with them to make sure you are covered for Podiatry consultation.

In order to get the most out of your podiatry consultation, please bring any extra information that may be helpful for your Podiatrist to fully assess your case. This may include:

– Relevant medical imaging or reports relating to your condition; eg X-Ray, MRI, CT or Ultra-Sound images of your feet, knees or hips.

– A selection of your frequently worn footwear for casual wear, shoes for work as well as fitness activities.

– A list of medications you are taking.

You are only able to claim for Podiatry consultations through Medicare if you have a valid Chronic Disease Management plan (formally EPC) and have been referred by your doctor for Podiatry care.